Welcome to Grow Bloom Yoga! This site is dedicated to displaying my interest in teaching yoga and sharing some of the things I learn on my journey. 

Mughal Palace January 2018

My first exposure to yoga started as a middle schooler. My father purchased a Baron Baptiste Power Yoga DVD and we would go along with the video, increasing our flexibility and core strength to improve our running form. I distinctly remember learning ujjayi breath and watching Baron Baptiste’s abdomen contract as he engaged bandhas.

I didn’t develop a true interest in yoga beyond its physical benefits until I took an academic class on yoga in college. After learning about the breadth of yoga history, I decided to add yoga to my lifestyle. When I moved to State College, PA to attend Penn State as a graduate student, I went from taking yoga classes in the gym to taking yoga classes in a yoga studio. This change was a huge milestone in my life, as I committed to regular practice and found a community of yogis. My practice blossomed from emphasis on physical practice, to incorporating pranayama, meditation, and mindfulness. Eventually, in efforts to take my yoga practice to the next-level and really incorporate it into my life beyond the mat, I committed to the yoga RYT-200 teacher training offered by  Erica Kaufman.

I am registered with Yoga Alliance and you may find more information here: Yoga Alliance Teachers

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