Welcome to Grow Bloom Yoga! This site is dedicated to displaying my interest in teaching yoga and sharing some of the things I learn on my journey. 

Yoga has many definitions and throughout history has many interpretations. I enjoy learning about yoga as it has been used in the past and in the modern day, across many cultures. Join me as we honor rich tradition and work towards clarifying our minds and finding inner peace.
– Sarah

Mughal Palace January 2018
After yoga teacher training in Chennai, India (Jan 2018), I ventured with friends to see some famous landmarks around India. Here I am near aa Mughal-era palace outside Agra, India.

My first exposure to yoga started as a middle schooler. My father purchased a Baron Baptiste Power Yoga DVD and we would go along with the video, increasing our flexibility and core strength to improve our running form. I distinctly remember learning ujjayi breath and watching Baron Baptiste’s abdomen contract as he engaged bandhas.

I didn’t develop a true interest in yoga beyond its physical benefits until I took an academic class on yoga in college. After learning about the breadth of yoga history, I decided to add yoga to my lifestyle regimen. When I moved to State College, PA to attend Penn State as a graduate student, I went from taking yoga classes in the gym to taking yoga classes in a yoga studio. This change was a huge milestone in my life, as I committed to regular practice and found a community of friends. My practice blossomed from emphasis on physical practice, to incorporating pranayama, meditation, mindfulness, and lifestyle changes. Eventually, in efforts to take my yoga practice to the next-level and really incorporate it into my life beyond the mat, I committed to yoga RYT-200 teacher training with Erica Kaufman.

I am registered with Yoga Alliance and you may find more information here: Yoga Alliance Teachers